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Cookie policy

  1. What are cookies?

The website www.odxeducation.com (hereinafter the “Website”) uses “cookies”: these are text files which are sent from a web server (which is the computer on which the Website visited is running) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and memorized on the hard disk of the user’s computer when visiting the Website. The cookie allows the Website to identify the user’s PC (by way of the information memorized therein) each time that the user reconnects to the Website using the same PC. 

By using cookies we can make it easier for the user to browse the Website. 

Cookies do not collect information that directly identify the user. Indeed, odX Education S.r.l. (hereinafter the “odX”), owner and administrator of the Website, cannot track any personal information that directly identifies the user using the cookies (e.g. name, surname) unless such data are directly provided for by the user. Moreover, another website cannot use a cookie sent by the odX’s Website to access information contained in the user’s computer. Once saved in the computer, cookies can only be read by the Website that created them (and therefore, in our case, by www.odxeducation.com).


  1. What type of cookies does odX use? 


Technical and analytical cookies

These are the cookies used with the aim of enabling browsing and therefore the electronic transmission of data on the net, or strictly necessary to provide the services granted by the Website. These are generally temporary cookies, the so-called “session cookies.” They are issued by the Website on the user’s computer during browsing but are only memorized for the duration of the browsing session. This means that when the user closes the browser, the cookies are erased automatically and disappear, and do not remain memorized on the computer. They are formed by random numbers generated by the server and are used to help ensure that the Website can be browsed safely and efficiently.

This kind of cookies make it easier for the user to browse the Website, for example by remembering the data the user has provided when filling in forms on the Website (so-called “user input cookies”), recognizing the user after logging into the Website (so-called “authentication cookies”), customizing the interface of the Website on the basis of the preferences indicated by the user, to gather bulk information on the number of visitors to the Website and on the most visited pages (“cookies analytics”), etc.

These cookies do not require the user’s prior explicit consent as they strictly necessary for the purposes of supplying the service requested by the user of the Website (ex art. 6, par.1, lett. b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, hereinafter the “GDPR”).


Profiling cookies

These are the cookies aimed at creating users’ profiles, for example for the purpose of sending advertising that are consistent/customized on the basis of the users’ preferences: these cookies are issued by the Website on the user’s computer during browsing, and are also memorized beyond the duration of the browsing session, until they expire or are erased by the user (so called “permanent cookies”).

The use of this kind of cookies requires the explicit and informed consent of the user. Please note that the user’s consent shall be requested only upon the first access to the Website: then, thanks to the use of a technical cookie, we shall memorize the consent to allow the access to the pages of the Website directly when returning to the site. In any case the user has the right to enable/disable cookies or to erase them at any time (see point 5): in such case, when returning to the Website, the site will ask for a new consent).


Social media and partners’ cookies

The social media and partners’ cookies on the Website allow you to share content with other people or tell people what you think about the content on our Website. We often use third-party applications to issue this type of cookie. The social network relating to each button may be able to identify you, even if you do not click on the button while visiting our site specifically if you are also active on that social site at the time you visit the Website.


Tracking pixels

In addition to the categories of cookies described above, our Website also uses tracking pixels (also called “1×1 pixel” or “pixel tag”), a graphic with dimensions of 1×1 pixels that are loaded when a user visits our Website or opens one of our e-mails. Whenever you visit our website, the tracking pixel sends limited information to the pixel server, including your IP address. This information is meant for statistical purposes in relation to (i) the number of different users of our Website, (ii) the number and types of pages visited, as well as (iii) the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Blocking cookies will not automatically block the information being sent through our tracking pixels but you can block the sending of this information through your browser settings, by amending your firewall settings and the use of some browser extensions. However, these actions may affect your experience of using our website.


No other profiling tools are used on this Website (e.g. spyware).

Moreover, should you register on the Website and specifically authorize the monitoring of your browsing, the data related to the browsing sessions on the Website may be associated with other personal data we collected at the moment of registration.


Please note that your consent will only be required the first time you access the Website: subsequently, thanks to the use of a technical cookie, we will store your consent to allow you to directly access the pages of the Website (this does not affect your right to deactivate/activate cookies at any time or to delete them, see point 5: in this case, once you browse again, the Website will request your consent again). 


Furthermore, if the User provides his/her specific consent to the analysis of his/her preferences during registration, the data relating to navigation within the Website may be associated with his/her personal data.


  1. Information on cookies released by odxeducation.com

We are pleased to provide the following information regarding the cookies used in the Website:

1) The domain name from which the Website server transmits the cookies is: www.odxeducation.com.

2) Purpose of data collection: the cookies are used to (i) make browsing on the Website easier and quicker and make anonymous statistical analysis on the use of the Website (technical and analytical cookies); (ii) improve the browsing experience by suggesting the best products and promotions based on the user’s browsing history (profiling cookies and tracking pixels); (iii) enable your social network account to interact with our Website (Social media and partners’ cookies).

3) Validity of the cookies: the Website uses session cookies (i.e. cookies that are automatically erased when the browser is closed), and permanent cookies (i.e. cookies that are kept until they are erased by the user, if applicable), which do not in any case last for more than six months. 

4) Requirement to accept cookies: accepting cookies is not mandatory but some contents and functions may be blocked if they are deactivated, although it will still be possible for the user to browse the Website. 

5) Deactivation and erasure of cookies: cookies can be deactivated or erased at any time (see point 5).

6) Data communication: the information collected via cookies is confidential and is not communicated to third parties.


  1. Third-parties cookies

The Website uses the so-called third-parties cookies (in particular Google Analytics and Social Network cookies) or cookies released and operated by other entities, different from odX, for their own purposes.

To help you make your free and informed choice, we are pleased to provide the following information regarding (i) cookies id, (ii) the link to the detailed information relating to the cookies:



released by third parties


Cookie purpose

Link to the information and consent form


Google Analytics: it is a cookie that tracks and reports website traffic of the user, anonymizing the IP address


Twitter Inc.

Tweet Button and social Twitter widgets: Tweet Button and social Twitter widgets allows you to interact with the Twitter social network


Facebook Inc.

Like Button and social Facebook widgets: Like Button and social Facebook widgets allows you to interact with the Facebook social network



Insert a description

Insert link to the information

Google Inc.

Widget Video YouTube: YouTube provides a video-sharing service, operated by Google Inc., which allows the website to incorporate these contents in its webpages



[Insert a clear, easily understandable description of the cookie]



  1. Deactivation and erasure of cookies through the web browser

In any case you can disable/enable or erase cookies at any time by using the settings of your web browser. In particular, if you prefer not to receive cookies you can set your browser to warn you when a cookie is present so that you can decide whether to accept it or not; it is also possible to automatically refuse all cookies, by activating the appropriate option in the browser. It is also possible to erase specific cookies previously enabled through the browser, or to prevent your PC from saving cookies released by specific websites, or to block the third-parties cookies.

Since every browser has its own cookie management, you can modify/manage the parameters and erase the cookies through the control panel or the preferences of your browser.

To disable all or some of the cookies it is necessary to change the settings of your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, ecc.).

To do this, you must consult the information reported in your browser’s User Manual (Help Page) or click on the following links:


You may also manage your preferences regarding cookies by visiting the NAI website opt-out page here: http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/ or the DAA opt-out page here: http://www.aboutads.info/ or, for EU users, the EDAA opt-out page here: http://youronlinechoices.eu/


Audience-measuring cookies have been placed on our site by Google Analytics. You can block these specific cookies by clicking on the deactivation link below, downloading the add-on and installing it on your browser. This add-on is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

Google Analytics deactivation link: Deactivate Google Analytics

Please note that the add-on will save a cookie on your device, but that cookie will be used only to prevent your browser from transmitting data to Google Analytics.

For more information on deactivating Google Analytics and installing the browser add-on, click here: Browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics

For more information on Google Analytics’ privacy policy, click here: Safeguarding your data


To block cookies used by social networks (e.g. via sharing buttons), follow the instructions in the links below: